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Ham on the Bone
Traditional carving ham, cooked on bone, wood smoked, honey cured
Whole 12kg – Half 6kg approx.
Champagne Ham
Full boneless leg, smoked in the European tradition, perfect for shaving
Whole 8kg – Half 4kg approx
Old Fashioned Smoked Leg Ham
Premium boneless honey cured carving ham
5kg approx
Kassler (boneless)
Honey cured, double smoked pork loin, moist and tender                             
2kg approx
Easy Carve Leg Ham
Boneless hock on honey cured carving ham
8kg approx
Lamb Shanks Osso Bucco Roasted
Ready to eat, tender roasted Lamb Shanks in microwavable twin pack (seasonable)
15kg carton or 2pack