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Braunschweiger – Teewurst
Very fine pork speak with the combined flavours of paprika and rum
300g approx
Onion Mettwurst – Zwiebelwurst
Prime pork, combined with natural spices and toasted onion flakes
300g approx
Fresh Thuringer Beer Sticks
Mildly seasoned beer sticks with whole mustard seeds, cold smoked
Fresh Pfeffer Jager Beer Sticks
Pepper hot beer sticks, cold smoked and seasoned
Danish Salami
Medium textured salami, mildly seasoned with maple syrup and herbs
1.5kg approx
White Hungarian Salami
Lemon pepper and Hungarian paprika with a touch of garlic
1.5kg approx
Pepperoni Salami
A variety of peppers gives this traditional salami its spicy flavour
1.5kg approx
Hot Spanish Salami
Birds eye chillis give this salami it name and spicy flavour
1.5kg approx
Italian Salami
Italian herbs and course texture are the characteristics of this salami
1.5kg approx

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